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On being Authentic: Being an Original

"I am in competition with no one because I have myself to compete with."

People nowadays always tries to impress. They value the opinion of others more than their own voices. They take everything so seriously like they don't have control with their own minds. We often get affected by what we saw on social media, often forget that life on it is "perfect" and far from the reality.

Yes, I am also guilty on that.
Most people labeled me as a 'social media addict' and well, I won't deny it. It's part of my life since I was in 1st year college. Nobody knows how this thing is giving me life. Nobody knows how just tuning in everything that's happening is paying the bill. Nobody knows how everything that was posted is giving me energy and reason to still live on.

And yes I was labeled a 'social media addict' on the negative side.
Funny, how this people can't reach my voice even if I'm on it all day. Everyone thinks I'm an open boo…

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